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ONCE 2017 has been CANCELLED.


June 9, 10 and 11, 2017.
We begin Friday afternoon and end Sunday afternoon.

1624 Dallman Rd
Camano Island, WA.
(Just off of East Camano Drive on the west side of the street.)

Humans of all ages are welcome.
If you have any accessibilty concerns please contact: info@elevenrecords.com
(Sorry, no dogs or pets except service animals.)

How much?
Entry is $11 per human.
This includes entry for all three days.
Very small humans can be free if you want (we leave that to you to decide.)
Parking is an additional $10 per vehicle. Carpool, bike, hike, or take the bus!

Can I buy tickets at the door?
Perhaps. You should probably buy them in advance to make sure.

What should I bring?
Anything you might need for a few days in the woods:
A tent, warm clothes, a flashlight, a water bottle,
and food to eat and share.
I'd also recommend sun screen, rain gear, and mosquito repellent.
And cash to buy music from the artists.

How do I get there?
We are about 45 minutes from Everett on the south end of Camano Island.
You don't need to take a ferry - there's a bridge.
It's possible to bus, bike or walk to Once.
But most people will drive, so please carpool!
Island Transit route 2C takes you very near the site, however it does not run on weekends. You would need to come out on Friday and leave Monday morning.

Parking is $10 per vehicle.
Most vehicles will be parked off site this year.
A very limited number of on-site car camping passes will be sold.
If you need to bring your vehicle on-site for accessibility reasons, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate: info@elevenrecords.com
We've put up this spreadsheet for people to offer and request rides.

What about food?
There will not be any food vendors at Once.
We will have a potluck dinner on Friday night.
There will be a community meal on Saturday night,
and fixings for a modest breakfast on Sunday.
These will be vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free friendly.
Other than that, please bring food to eat and share with others.
There is also corner store with a deli within walking distance.

Where do I camp?
When you arrive, we will help you find a camping spot.
Look for the folks with blue pointy hats - they'll help.
Spots will be given on a first come, first served basis,
but there should be room for everyone to camp.
Please don't bring giant oversized tents unless you are a giant oversized group.
A few on-site car camping spots are available at an extra charge.

What if I don't have camping gear?
Maybe someone will share with you?
There will be a few places that you can sleep that will be soft-ish and dry.
There is a very big tent near the stage that people can sleep under.
But you should probably at least bring a sleeping bag or blanket.

What amenities be there?
There won't be any showers or a public kitchen.
But there will be porta potties and an outhouse.
There is a hand washing area and drinkable running water.
And there are spaces for small camp fires. Be safe!

Are there any rules?
No illegal activities.
Be respectful to each other and the space.
No dogs or pets (service dogs are ok with documentation and service vest.)
Please no visible cell phone or camera use (but feel free to paint/sketch!)
And there will be a magical wordless silence from 11 pm on Saturday
until sunrise on Sunday. Shhh!

Why "Once"?
It's the start of a fairy tale, it's Spanish for "eleven",
it's something that will never happen again in exactly the same way.
Or it could just be an acronym...
Our Nice Cozy Event?
Onetime Neanderthals Celebrating Existence?
Orangutans Needlessly Carrying Eggs...?

Can I help?
Sure! We're looking for folks to help with all sorts of things.
We'll need volunteers for set-up, cooking, clean-up, etc.
We are especially looking for people interested in helping create or operate interactive space or art installations.
Please send a message with "once help" as the subject to:

Anything else?
Probably - please keep checking back here. We are new at this.
It's a seat-of-our-pants production, so please be patient.